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Nayla Application

NayLa is one mobile application which aims with love and benevolence to be fortunate through reading in one place variety news plus knowledge, pleasure and divine. MPT users using NayLa application that includes every contents includes knowledge, literature, astrology and information that can read in one place in this application. Other interested content includes Mingalar Myanmar 100 hundred years Calendar, 7 days born Forecasts, Horoscope Forecasts, Astrology Overview, Mahar Bote, Tarot, Memorial Days and Ceremony Program. While you are knowing your love's one of date birth, you can check and then can read the matters that includes do's and don'ts in NayLa Astrology application to be fortunate for your daily.

Nayla Application Download Anywhere

Nayla Mobile Application available in Apple App store and Google Play Stores. It’s one application in Myanmar.